Export from Timor

Timor-Leste economy is still highly dependent on oil and gas and the Government is currently driving a large economic diversification programme particularly in the tourism, agriculture, fisheries and processing industry sectors. The Government has also invested in infrastructure improvement including high standard sea port and airport to facilitate trade.

Domestic firms

As the voice for Timorese exporters, TradeInvest through Export Promotion Directorate can get your message heard and help your company to grow its international business.

Foreign buyers

Timor-Leste has many goods and services to offer the world. The Government of Timor-Leste is committed to welcome foreign buyers to do business in the country, aiming to contribute to the development and growth of national economy. TradeInvest offers facilitation to foreign buyers that wish to do business in Timor-Leste.

Import & Export Procedures

Import and export procedures in Timor-Leste are quite straight forward, which directly involve Customs Authority. TradeInvest has developed a flowchart to ease importers and exporters to carry out their activities in the country.

Export Awards

Export Awards is a TradeInvest Timor-Leste annual initiative organized by the Export Promotion Directorate. The first national Export Awards in Timor-Leste was successfully held in 2017.

Export Business List

There are a small but growing number of exporters in Timor-Leste across a range of sectors including agriculture, tourism and processing industry. TradeInvest maintains the list of both current and potential exporters and is happy to facilitate introductions for investors and buyers.