Timor-Leste has developing physical infrastructure with significant investments being made in roads, airports and ports. There are a range of transportation options for shipping goods into and out of Timor-Leste whether they are documents, samples, personnel effects, commercial goods, cars or heavy machinery. Dili, the capital, is the main access point to the country with a large port and regular flights to/from Kupang, Darwin, Bali, and Singapore.

Cargo/Freight Companies

There are a range of international and national cargo/freight companies servicing Timor-Leste including:
D&N Movers
SDV Logistics

There are also local agents for other large international freight companies based in Dili.

Shipping Destinations

Direct shipping destinations through the Dili Port include:
Australia (Darwin)
Malaysia (Kota Kinabulu)
Indonesia (Surabaya)