Timor-Leste imports the vast majority of its goods and services from Asia including fuel, cement, building materials, tobacco and motor vehicles. Major exports include crude petroleum, coffee, candlenut, aluminium and a range of other agricultural products.

Importing Goods

Importing goods to Timor-Leste, such as on a container, requires the use of a Customs Broker who submits the customs declaration on your behalf through the Timor-Leste Customs Service ASYCUDA electronic system. A fee will be agreed by both parties. There are special licences required for importing certain goods including live animals, live plants, animal/vegetable products, motor vehicles and firearms.

Exporting Goods

Exporting goods from Timor-Leste requires the use of a Customs Broker who submits the customs declaration on your behalf together with appropriate documentation (export licence, certificate of origin etc.). Customs will then check the paperwork, physically inspect the goods and assist with loading of goods for export. The exporter needs to pay only US$1 for administration fee.

Customs and Taxes

Goods can clear customs within 24 hours if all the correct paperwork has been completed. Customs duties are 2.5% on the value of imported goods and 2.5% rate applied to imported taxable goods. Storage charges can apply if goods are kept at Dili Airport or Dili Port for over 20 days (typically 5% of value).

Excise tax applies a range of good including alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gasoline products, motor cars (value above $70,000) and private boats/aircraft.

Customs Brokers
There are a number of customs brokers in Timor-Leste:
customs brokers